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Commercial Design
We offer projects for commercial spaces as
hotels, restaurants, lounge bars, stores, and offices.
With experience of projects in a variety of countries
we provide the design, technical drawings and
construction assistance to the local construction company.
We have professionals that can be present on site
during the most important phases of the construction.
Our aim is to follow the projects from the beginning till the end,
from concept through construction till the opening
for the best result and satisfied clients.

Principe di Savoia
Milan, Italy

One of the most important hotel in the city of Milan, one of few hotel with true original and elegant italian design. Renovating all the event spaces, with the idea of uniting tradition and innovation and finding a harmony of colors and atmosphere suitable for all kind of events.

Milan, Italy

Renovating an historical building and turning it into one of milans most popular restaurants has been a great opportunity. We wanted to keep as much of the original structure as possible working with simple but original design that would highlight the amazing space and architecture of this old train station.

Cairo, Egypt

After the great success of Bullona Restaurant in Milan, they will now go internationally. The first restaurant abroad will open in Cairo by the end of 2019 and will be the main restaurant of

Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo. We are now following the works on site.

Coming soon

Milan, Italy

We gave Bagutta store in the heart of Milan a complete makeover, with the concept to create a stylish look for this small and exclusive store where the apparel had to be in focus. As the brand itself we put great importance in the material research and the details.

Marina Fossati
Milan, Italy

Marina Fossati, a fashion jewelry boutique in

Via Gesù in the centre of Milan. We gave it a fresh look with a nice retrò vibe, we worked with details in the furniture and left space for the jewelry to be in focus.

Sonico, Italy

An open-plan office solution to exploit to beautiful surroundings of Sonico. Organic architecture and interesting interior solutions of transparency versus privacy, to merge into the background and still stand out.

Milan, Italy

Creativity as its best, working together with the professional employees of McCann to make a creative office space uniting their graphics with our interiors for a fantastic and playful result.

Guinea, Africa

A complete restyling of the rooms with a concept of modern design with local atmosphere. Using elegant simplicity to create comfort and wellbeing.

Eitch Borromini
Rome, Italy

Conceptual design for a restyling of the suites of this historical hotel located in the heart of Rome. Creating a contemporary design with a hint of retrò, a sofisticated atmosphere that bond with the original structure and spaces of the hotel.

Lounge Bar
Baku, Azerbaijan

Conceptual design for a private club lounge bar. Creating a soft and intimate atmosphere with a research for exclusive materials and finishings.

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