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About us
​Studio AI is a Milan based architect and interior design studio.
The Leadership is formed by;
Arch.Cosimo Sasaniello
Arch.Marco De Battista
Arch.Rolando Turchetto
Arch.Renato Serra
Int.Des.Kate Axelsson
With over 15 years of experience in the luxury business,
private as well as public, we worked with projects in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, and China.
Studio AI covers property construction from zero as well as renovation of all or revisits of a chosen area, properties such as private apartments and villas as well as restaurants and lounges, showrooms, and exclusive boutiques.
With roots in Italy, we have come to know the value of Italian handcraft and the acknowledgment that is inherited threw generations in the family companies that produce many of the most beautiful items for the interiors as marble, parquet,
decorated glass, furniture, chandeliers, and so on.
We follow all the production made in Italy
to have the best result for the client.

By working alongside the client and the local companies, we create a relationship that is fundamental to be able to interpret each client and their necessities, requests and dreams and transmit this
into the project and reach a successful result.​
Each project is unique
and tailor-made for each client.
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