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Interior Design


With over 15 years of experience we have created Interior Design for clients in different parts of the world, with different cultures, needs and style.

After meeting with the client and understanding the aim of the project,

we start working on a general layout.

We do a detailed research of the style requested by the client and

local design and culture.

Our proposal is presented to the client and together we go through each detail to combine the desires and aims of the client with the technical necessities

of the structure to reach a final layout.

After the concept has been confirmed,

we proceed to finalize the interior and exterior design of the project,

involving the different specialists for each matter such as for the furniture, lighting, marble, parquet, gypsum, decorated glass and so on.

We work alongside each company to follow the course from our concept

to drawings, production and finishing to the final product and

installation on site.

Like this we can guarantee the best result for the client.

Each project is tailor made for each client.

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