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We produce all the technical drawings necessary for the realization of the project. All requested for the complete construction of the property including façade design and when needed garden layout.

We propose to divide the project in different phases. This to be able to fulfill the requests of each client that can choose to realize with us the Concept drawings, Definitive or the Executive technical drawings.

Technical support

Technical drawings for the interior,

after the first meeting with the client we make a general layout.

We present our proposal to the client and we go threw each detail together

to combine the wishes and needs with the technical necessities to reach a final layout



Afer the general layout has been confirmed and in the meantime we have presented

the interior design proposals, we work the details of the technical drawings

as ceiling decor and floor layout.

This is an example of a false ceiling details indicating the final shape,

the decors and the lighting of the ceiling.

For the final phase we make the detailed technical drawings, prospects,

with itemized information of measures and materials.
In case of a custom made object we produce a detailed drawing separately.

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